Top Level Management Support, Controllership, Finance & Operations best practices.

Alpha Premium is specialized in Advanced Cost Systems, Plant Controlling, Business Controlling, Business Plan, P&L and working capital improvement.

Support for special projects, including , Restructuring Programs, Operational Audit, M&A, Acquisitions, Due Diligencies, Evaluation, Change Management, Business Turn Around and Costs Reduction Plan, Interim Management and Head Hunter services

We can train your managerial level in leadership, effective comunication, team work and advanced cost system tools.

AlphaPremium compared to BIGs consultants applies lower fees and provides outstanding services.

At this moment due to the crisis in Brazil 2 main opportunites can be taken as follow.

1- Companies can be acquired at much lower price. Independently of the crisis Brazil has a great potential and will survive during the crisis and grows after the crisis.

2- For many companies to import products from Brazil can be a good alternative.The local Brazil currency is very devaluated and importation can be very attractive.

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Ariovaldo Lopes da Silva